Craig Swapp Idaho

Craig Swapp is a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. He works in Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Colorado. Swapp is also one of the personal injury lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates, where he and his team help people who have been hurt in an accident or have another kind of personal injury get the money they deserve.

About Craig Swapp Idaho

In addition to Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Colorado, Craig Swapp is a personal injury attorney who operates in those states as well. Mr. Swapp is also a personal injury attorney at Craig Swapp & Associates, where he and his colleagues assist clients in obtaining the compensation they deserve after being hurt in an accident or suffering from another type of personal injury.

Aside from that, Swapp is well-known as the face of the firm's "One Call Is All" advertising campaign, which has a wide reach throughout Spokane as well as Washington and Idaho. The primary message of the Craig Swapp & Associates ad campaign is to educate and provide answers to those who are dealing with ailments and seeking to bring healing back into their lives via the use of chiropractic care. This marketing message adds to the numerous referrals the business receives from existing and prior clients, other attorneys, medical professionals, and other sources, among other sources. Swapp has demonstrated throughout the years that he genuinely cares about each and every client, and that he is prepared to go above and beyond to assist them.

Craig Swapp & Associates has offices in Spokane, Washington; Sandy, Utah; Boise, Idaho; and Salt Lake City, Utah. Craig Swapp & Associates is a full-service architectural firm. Our skilled personal injury team has decades of combined experience and has helped tens of thousands of people get their lives back on track through discussions with insurance companies and litigation, when necessary. Swapp's team represents clients who have suffered injuries as a result of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, animal attacks, slip and falls, defective medical devices, unsafe prescription drugs, product liability, and other types of incidents.

In the years afterwards, Swapp has devoted his time, energy, and experience to assisting individuals in Spokane, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado who have been injured or murdered as a result of the negligence or crime of another. This includes everyone who is dealing with injuries as a result of accidents involving automobiles, motorbikes, public transportation, commercial trucks, pedestrians, and bicycles, among other vehicles. Dedicated to each and every client in their battle against large corporations and the powerful insurance sector, Craig Swapp is a dedicated champion for them.

Swapp is a member of the Utah, Idaho, and Washington Associations for Justice, where he is actively involved. He has previously served on the Board of Governors of the Utah Association for Justice, and he has been actively involved in the organization's legislative activities. Swapp has also been a member of the American Association for Justice for a long time.

Craig Swapp graduated with honors from the University of Utah School of Accountancy in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. The practice of law, particularly when it comes to leveling the playing field for individuals who are being taken advantage of by government or big business. After a brief term with a prominent public accounting company, Swapp found that his talent and passion lie in the practice of law. Swapp graduated from the University of Utah College of Law in 1991 with a Juris Doctorate degree.

At the University of Utah College of Law, Swapp served as senior editor for the Journal of Contemporary Law, which he co-founded with his wife, Jennifer Swapp. Swapp also performed admirably in mock trial and trial advocacy events. Craig began his legal career at the local personal injury firm Siegfried and Jensen shortly after graduating from law school. Swapp & Associates was founded by Craig Swapp after he left Siegfried and Jensen after five years.

Swapp takes pleasure in his work and in assisting each customer - whether they are in Spokane, Idaho, Utah, or Colorado - in getting back on their feet after a difficult occurrence. When people express their opinions on his firm's efforts, he is open to hearing them and personally resolves any issues or concerns that are brought to his attention. With Craig Swapp & Associates, Swapp seeks to deliver the best legal services available while also converting clients into long-term friends of the firm.